Mark Wahlberg says he wanted to shoot The Departed 2 with Brad Pitt


The actor was also thinking of Robert De Niro for a role.

Infiltrators by Martin Scorsese is an important film in the career of Mark Wahlberg : it earned him an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2007. So it’s no surprise that the actor reveals to KFC Radio having wanted to continue the story of the feature film by producing The Departed 2 with Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro in the lead roles.

Currently promotingUnchartedhis new film, in which he plays Victor Sullivan, Wahlberg talks about his sequel project to Infiltrators : “I had met the screenwriter Bill Monahan at Warner Bros. to present him the continuation of the Infiltrators, says the actor, and let’s just say the presentation didn’t go very well.” Having chosen to work with this author with whom he was then writing Cocaine Cowboys and American Desperado (two projects that will not see the light of day either), Wahlberg specifies that he “didn’t really have a specific idea, but he’s the kind of person you trust to write something. And so when we worked on the script for Cocaine Cowboys and American DesperadoI said : ‘Bill will write it down’. And to add about Warner Bros. : “They like things to be well thought out and planned. It would be a really good movie.”

If the official pitch of this sequel has never been revealed, Monahan had quickly mentioned it in 2011 to /Movie : “In fact, my idea is to set the film before, during and after the action of the first film, which I think would be extraordinary… In fact, in the central part of the film that I imagined, we would see actions that take place during the first Infiltrators, but who are not on screen in the first film. There would be off-screen things happening at that point in the story. But it would work perfectly as a full-fledged movie.”


A beautiful project, which ultimately did not see the light of day. Monahan justified this in 2011 by the absence of a synopsis for this project. “I think Warner Bros. would have liked to see a synopsis of it. I don’t do a synopsis and I don’t pitch. Personally, I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. I know the movie, I’m I have in my head. Even if everyone didn’t come back, which is possible in the movie as I’ve set it up, that would be a hell of a budget. The movie would have to be absolutely superb.”

Having gathered 1,875,783 spectators in France, Infiltrators is Scorsese’s 20th feature film. It brings together in its distribution Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson. Its synopsis: In Boston, to put an end to the reign of the leader of the Irish underworld, the police infiltrate his gang with a rookie, Billy Costigan. At the same time, a man named Colin Sullivan joins the special investigations unit, responsible for eliminating the gangster…

In The Departed, Martin Scorsese announces each death with an “X”

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