Marry Me: romantic comedy “WTF” trailer starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson

Marry me
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J-Lo plays thoroughly with his 2000s star image.

2021 will definitely have marked the comeback of Jennifer lopez in the front of the scene. Appearing again alongside Ben Affleck during the summer, the flagship couple of the early 2000s even allowing themselves to replay one of the cult sequences of the clip “Jenny From the Block” during an outing aboard a yacht in front of the paparazzi, the 52-year-old singer and actress is back in the cinema. In a romantic comedy, of course. The star ofA too perfect marriage, unmissable rom-com from 2001 returns in Marry me, no longer facing Matthew McConaughey this time, butOwen Wilson.

She almost plays her own role, that of a diva about to marry her partner, also a music star, on stage. Their high-profile relationship is on the verge of falling apart when she finds out, dressed in her wedding dress and ready to perform in front of millions of people, that her fiancée is cheating on her. On a misunderstanding, she then accepts the marriage proposal of a stranger (Wilson, therefore), who is in the audience holding a sign saying “marry me”. Once the request is publicly accepted, she surprises those close to her by deciding to remain married and to truly give a chance to this man whom she did not know a few moments before. All while being followed by cameras around the world.

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“I don’t want to be the punchline”

In addition to recalling J-Lo’s own journey, so every romantic relationship is highly publicized, this trailer evokes the best of rom-coms from the turn of the 2000s, like for example Love at first sight in Notting Hill and his charming bookseller (Hugh Grant) who happened to fall madly in love with a Hollywood movie star (Julia Roberts). Add to that a review from media and social media, as well as song and dance footage, which casually demonstrates that J-Lo remains in great shape and has retained all of his talents for stage and comedy ( moreover, she signs new songs for this film, specifies the video), and you get a teaser that is both modern and nostalgic.
To discover the film, you will obviously have to wait until Valentine’s Day, any good romantic comedy should logically be released around February 14 …

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