Martin Scorsese fan of Morbius? Tyrese Gibson was fooled by an April Fool’s joke

Tyrese Gibson - Martin Scorsese

The Fast & Furious star, who stars alongside Jared Leto in the film, believed it!

After numerous delays due in particular to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new Marvel film from Sony, Morbiuswith Jared Leto, finally hit theaters last Wednesday. The reviews, on the whole very negative, did not prevent the film from taking the first place at the US box office. More surprisingly, Martin Scorsese praised the blockbuster on social media, whilewe know his aversion to this type of production. A beautiful April Fool’s joke, in which Tyrese Gibsonone of the stars of the film, fell with both feet.

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The singer posted on his Instagram account a fake Twitter review of Morbiuswhich would come from Martin Scorsese (which was actually a fake account of the director). It was written : ” I was horrified to find out that the movie was based on a comic book. It’s the pinnacle of cinema and even I can’t top it. A wise man admits when he’s wrong and I was wrong, I apologize to all comic book movies. Tweet to which the Simon Stroud actor, an FBI agent, responded with a since-deleted Instagram post: “ Wow wow wow I can’t believe this is happening whoa…… Cheers and hats off to Daniel Espinosa, it’s amazing! Martin Scorsese the KING of KINGS of cinema is huge……. “. We remind you that the probability that this tweet is real was unlikely, since in 2019, Scorsese stated that the Marvel movies, ” it’s not cinema “.

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Morbius is to be seen at the cinema, and tells the transformation of a doctor who, to cure his blood disease, inadvertently turns into a vampire. Here is its trailer:

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