Marvel in American Pie mode in episode 7 of What If …?

What if ...?  episode 7

Thor does his Project X in a totally improbable, downright funny ’90s rom-com.

What if Marvel was fun? Episode 7 of What If …? uploaded this Wednesday morning on the Disney Plus platform radically bifurcates the tone of the MCU. Cool and relaxed atmosphere for this improbably funny story, which contrasts with the gore and zombie episode of the past week. Attention spoilers!

This time, What If …? takes us to a parallel universe where Odin did not kidnap baby Loki on Jötunheim. So he was not raised on Asagard, therefore did not become Thor’s brother, and the latter grew up as an only son, a spoiled rotten prince without any sense of responsibility. His only obsession is to party! And to avoid being kicked by Heimdall, Thor takes Sif and the rest of his gang to a lost corner of the galaxy: Earth! The aliens arrive and Jane Foster is in turmoil. Especially since she is going to have a hell of a surprise when she finds out that it is not little green men who have come to invade us … but a bodybuilt surfer who has come to have fun!

episode 7 of What If ...?

It’s just fun and silly“, sums up the author of the episode, AC Bradley, in EW. “No End of the World event or Avengers assassinated in this episode! I just loved the relationship between Jane and Thor, so we wanted to play with this love story without tragedy. We are inspired by the romantic comedies of the 80s and 90s (…) it’s a 180 ° turn compared to the previous episodes which were more serious, more dramatic … “

And for good reason, we are rather in a vibe Project X since the whole episode actually boils down to a huge party. A mix between Hangover and American pie, with a Thor as an old teenager who refuses to grow up. While Captain Marvel is called to the rescue by SHIELD to clean up, the entire MCU arrives on the blue planet to get some atmosphere. The Collector is the DJ. Nebula is playing Craps. Drax stuffs his mouth to the point of nausea. Rocket ends up in the tub. Even Loki arrives with his friends The Ice Giants to fuck the dawa … And at the end of the evening, it’s Darcy who finds himself marrying Howard the Duck in Las Vegas!

What if ...?  Howard the Duck Episode 7

A refreshing and totally assertive shit full of fun nods to MCU movies. And which ends on an even more improbable note: while Jane and Thor are entitled to their Happy End … Ultron arrives! And he is in possession of the six Infinity Stones! Who will have recovered enough from his hangover to stop him?

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