Marvel is looking for a director of the caliber of Sam Raimi for Fantastic Four

“Why not Sam Raimi in person?” asks his best friend Bruce Campbell on Twitter.

After directing the new trilogy of SpidermanJon Watts was to continue with another blockbuster from Marvel, Fantastic Fourbut he eventually left his place to focus on a series Star Wars. Kevin Feige is therefore currently looking for his replacement, and according to Justin Kroll, of Deadlinehe wants someone “in the vein of Sam Raimi”the filmmaker who has just been a hit at the cinema thanks to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He specifies : “While no names have leaked out, multiple sources say there will be plenty of applicants. Feige and company are considering plenty of big names. One of the sources familiar with the process tells me: ‘Kevin doesn’t want to have to oversee the whole shoot, and after not having to worry about that with Raimi, he’s looking for the same kind of filmmaker for this one.’
“Why not Sam Rami himself?”
quickly reacted the director’s friend, Bruce Campbell, who appears in all his films.

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It is true that after the very enthusiastic critical and public reception of his latest production for Marvel, the director of the first trilogy Spiderman could logically continue its collaboration with the studio. Doctor Strange 2 earned $879 million at the worldwide box office, and Raimi obviously enjoyed being back at the helm of such a big production. Moreover, he did appear in cameo a key figure in 4 Fantastic who could return in the new reboot of this saga, after the versions of Oley Sassone (in 1994), Tim Story (in 2005 and 2007) and Josh Trank (in 2015). Beware of spoilerseven if nothing says for the moment that it will be this version which will be chosen for the film: John Krasinski (The office, Without a sound…) appears in the blockbuster as Red Richards. Will he be the hero of the new solo film of 4 Fantastic ? Patience, for the moment, Marvel has not announced anything official. This project is not yet dated.

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