Master Chief takes flight in the latest trailer for the Halo series

Halo the series

The television adaptation of the famous video games will start on Canal + in France in ten days.

A few days before the launch, a second trailer for the series Halo, adapted from cult video games, has just been put online by Paramount +. And it promises a very big SF event, with big means, big explosions, big visual effects and big futuristic action scenes:

According to the official synopsis, “It will be a drama about an epic 26th century conflict between humanity and an alien menace known as the Covenant, Halo the series will weave personal stories deeply drawn into action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future”, comments the streaming platform.

Halo will be worn by Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) as the Master Chief, Spartan-117. Facing him, Natascha McElhone (Designated Survivor) will play Dr. Halsey,”Brilliant inscrutable creator of the Spartan Super Soldiers.”

Halo will be broadcast on Paramount + from March 24 and in France on Canal + in US + 24, from March 25.

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