Matrix 4: one of the producers attacks Warner Bros. because of its release on HBO Max

The future film on Willy Wonka is also at the heart of the conflict between Village Roadshow and the studio.

The production company Village Roadshow is visibly very upset against Warner Bros because of the release of Matrix 4by Lana Wachowski, simultaneously in cinemas and on HBO Max in the United States. The New York Times reports that the studio filed a complaint on Monday with the Supreme Court of Los Angeles against this long-time partner, considering that it had been wronged by this exit strategy. This concerned all the firm’s blockbusters released in 2021, but will no longer be used in 2022, where a 45-day cinema-exclusive release window must be met before a film can be offered for streaming. Throughout the year, it drew a lot of criticism in Hollywood; not only towards this studio, moreover, Scarlett Johansson having filed a complaint against Disney for having proposed Black Widow on Disney Plus just after its cinema release, resulting in a drop in revenue and a loss of earnings for the actress, who is supposed to receive bonuses once certain levels have been reached.

Scarlett Johansson reconciles with Disney, after the release of Black Widow on Disney +

This complaint specifically accuses Warner of having managed to release Matrix Resurrections in the cinema in December 2021, and not at the beginning of 2022, in order to be able to impose this double distribution on the American public, hoping that this would help to increase the number of subscriptions to HBO Max. A strategy “day-and-date” which generally worked, as AT&T, which runs WarnerMedia, recently reported that HBO and HBO Max ended 2021 with more subscribers than expected, 73.8 million. However, Village Roadshow does not receive any revenue from the film in streaming, and as Matrix 4 flopped in the USA by collecting only 37 million dollars in revenue there, its leaders consider themselves losers.

Will we see Matrix 5? Resurrections is not the start of a new trilogy, assures Lana Wachowski

The case Wonka

The article states that over the past 25 years, Village Roadshow has paid more than $4.5 billion to Warner Bros. to produce and distribute 91 films, and that they are therefore co-owners of several hits such as Joker, Edge of Tomorrow Where Charlie and the chocolate factory. Tim Burton’s film is currently posing a problem, because Warner recently announced the launch of Wonka, a feature film dedicated to its main character, who this time will be played by Timothée Chalamet under the direction of Paul King. In the same complaint, the management of Village Roadshow assures that Warner tries to put them aside concerning this project by affirming that it will not be a prequel to Charlie and the chocolate factory (is that why it’s called “Wonka” and not “Willy Wonka” ?). The complaint is open and justice will have to officially decide…

Timothée Chalamet unveils his Wonka costume

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