Matrix: Let’s dive back into the Premiere archives with Keanu Reeves

Matrix in Premiere
Premiere / Warner Bros
Matrix in Première (n ° 267 - June 1999)
Premiere / Warner Bros
Matrix in Premiere (268 - July 1999)
Premiere / Warner Bros
Matrix in Première (n ° 313 - March 2003)
Premiere / Warner Bros
Matrix in Première (n ° 315 - May 2003)
Premiere / Warner Bros
As a bonus: Keanu Reeves in Premiere for John Wick 3 (n ° 496 - May 2019)
Premiere / Metropolitan FilmExport
Matrix in Premiere (n ° 524 - December 2021)
Premiere / Warner Bros
Matrix in Premiere
Matrix in Première (n ° 267 - June 1999)
Matrix in Premiere (268 - July 1999)
Matrix in Première (n ° 313 - March 2003)
Matrix in Première (n ° 315 - May 2003)
As a bonus: Keanu Reeves in Premiere for John Wick 3 (n ° 496 - May 2019)
Matrix in Premiere (n ° 524 - December 2021)

Matrix in Premiere

Matrix in Première (n ° 267 – June 1999)

Matrix in Premiere (268 – July 1999)

Matrix in Première (n ° 313 – March 2003)

Matrix in Première (n ° 315 – May 2003)

As a bonus: Keanu Reeves in Premiere for John Wick 3 (n ° 496 – May 2019)

Matrix in Premiere (n ° 524 – December 2021)

The actor is once again on the cover of the magazine for the release of Matrix Resurrections.

“Welcome to the real world”. If, like millions of spectators around the world, that phrase lingers in your mind, paired with a red pill, leather coats, déjà vu prints and bullet time, then this article is for you!

Matrix was one of the favorites of First to the point of being twice on the front page of the magazine, in June and July 1999. During a long interview with Jacques-André Bondy, Keanu reeves explained at the time how he had trained for this innovative project of Wachowski, despite a painful cervical operation, then evoked his inspirations, his desire to participate in a sequel, his projects as an actor and director … Rebelote in 2003 with two issues devoted to his suites Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. This month is for the release of Matrix Resurrections that the actor is once again on one of our magazine (n ° 524, currently on newsstands) with Carrie-Anne Moss.

Here we offer you a best-of quotes from Keanu Reeves in First, with as a bonus an extract from his long interview with our journalist Sylvestre Picard just before the release of John wick 3 (n ° 496, May 2019), because he spoke in detail about his status as “action hero”, which he owes in large part to his experience Matrix, a saga so important in his career.

Summary of Premiere n ° 524: Matrix 4, L’Evénement, The Witcher, Ghostbusters: the legacy …

Keanu Reeves talks about Matrix in First (n ° 267 – June 1999)

Impossible to evoke Matrix not to mention the intensive workouts of Keanu Reeves, who wore a neck brace the first time he met the film’s choreographer, Yuen Woo-Ping, following an accident that resulted in cervical surgery: “We had to postpone the fight scenes for the end of the shoot. We had to wait until the plate was well welded in my bones (…) I imagine that’s why the Wachowski brothers call me crazy. But hey, you need what you need! “

Keanu took hits!

The actor insisted that fight choreography and stunts are two different things: “I don’t do stunts (…) But it’s true that I did a lot more on this film than what is usually expected of an actor. For example, I was hooked for hours to metal cables for aerial combat scenes (…) I received blows, yes. From Laurence Fishburne. He is very powerful! “

Bullet Time and Big Fright

At the question “What scared you the most (on the set)?”, Keanu replied in 1999: “To have stayed for hours on the edge of a roof of a fifty-story skyscraper maybe … I was only held back by a rope (…) The Wachowskis invented the bullet camera . It’s nice …. I love these guys! “

40 years of Hollywood blockbusters: The Matrix (1999)

Unlike Neo, he was bad at IT!

Ironically, the interpreter of Neo was not a geek during the shooting: “I browse the web a bit. But I don’t even have a computer! (Everyone explodes into laughter.) It made the directors laugh as well. Month that I’m supposed to be a computer genius, I don’t understand anything! I’m more interested in those who master the machine than in the machine itself. (…) What I like about the Internet is the wealth of sources of ‘information.”

Matrix 2 and 3 were already mentioned

At the end of the interview, Keanu Reeves admitted that he would sign ex officio if the directors got down to Matrix 2 : “But they don’t want to tell me what it’s about. I don’t know if there’s a script already. They don’t even want to tell me. I don’t even know if I’m in it. I hope. that if … In fact, originally, the brothers wanted to film two other films at the same time (…) It’s completely crazy. They are really pushers, you know. Really! In their film, they have pushed every actor, every technician to the extreme limit. I find that the finished product is better than the script I had read and that is rare. “

Jet Li explains why he refused to star in Matrix sequels

Desires of staging?
“Maybe at the theater, yes. In ten years”, he replied at the time. Fifteen years later, it’s finally a feature film that Keanu has directed, Man of Tai Chi. A martial arts film released in theaters in 2014. At the time, the actor also explained that he had watched all the films choreographed by Yuen Woo-Ping, in particular Tai Chi Master and Fist of legend, his models during his physical preparation for Matrix.

As a bonus: Star wars

The most anticipated blockbuster of 1999, it was the prequel to Star Wars, The Phantom Menace. When Jacques-André Bondy asked Keanu if he was as impatient as millions of fans of the original trilogy, his response was surprisingly frank: “I saw the trailer. It doesn’t sound that great, does it? The actors sure are great, but I don’t know … You noticed: they used the exact same sounds he did. Twenty years ago? I finally found it very nostalgic. But I would go of course. I loved the first two; the third on the other hand (in French) ouch, ouch, ouch! Too sentimental, a little heavy ( …) I hate when Darth Vader takes off his mask. Suddenly he looks like my postman. And then, that duck voice (he starts to imitate him). It was too big. But I still have want to see the new one. “

The Killer Theory: Neo Was Never Chosen On In The Matrix

20 years after the release of Matrix, Keanu Reeves brought up the trilogy again in First (n ° 496, May 2019). Extracts:

How would you define your relationship with Chad Stahelski?

Listen, we know each other so well … It’s been twenty years, since the first Matrix where he was playing my understudy. And he’s been working on John Wick. The level is higher and higher, as is his vision. After the shooting scene in the museum of John wick 2, the bar is so high …

How did you become aware of John Wick’s cult status?

Oh, “Cult” ? It’s really, really kind to tell me that, but I don’t know … It’s real collaborative work, you know. And me, throughout my career, I have been lucky to be noticed by absolutely incredible creators. When the Wachowskis came to get me to Matrix, telling myself that I should practice for several months before the start of filming, I replied: ” Yes with pleasure ! “

You say that Point Break showed you the way to action, but I imagine your meeting with Chinese choreographer and director Yuen Woo-Ping on Matrix changed a lot of things …

Yes, it even changed my life! Back then, Yuen Woo-Ping came up with a fighting style drastically unlike anything we’ve seen. Other martial arts, a lot of cable work … in short, Hong Kong-style action. So we trained for four months, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We started with two hours of warm-up, we studied the use of cables, wushu … In the end, my body changed for good. I can tell you that I knew him well, and he still managed to do things that I never even imagined. (Laughs.) Chad Stahelski is also in Yuen Woo-Ping’s school. Chad and I are two branches of the same tree.

Excluded – Lana Wachowski: “There was no question of going back into the Matrix to go back”

18 years after the last film, which was supposed to close the story, Keanu reeves has plunged back into the matrix for Lana Wachowski, who is directing this new feature film on her own, entitled Matrix Resurrections. Here is an excerpt from his interview for # 524 (December 2021):

Matrix Resurrections seems to want to move away from the aesthetic of the first three films. The style is different, the lighting too … How would you define it?

I would be hard pressed to define it. You talk about new lighting, and it’s seen: Lana turns in a completely different way. The light is really new. The film is linked to the first three, but it is an original work. It has its own story, its particular look.

A bit like the Matrix, as Morpheus explained in the first film. You can’t define it in words: you have to see it with your own eyes.

Yes, said like that, it’s great. I buy! And then, at the center of the film, there is romance. You will see…

Ah good ? Romance is an important aspect of this new film?

Oh yes. It is very, very important. In film as in life: that’s what we are. The way we want to be treated, the feelings we have, the way we behave towards each other …

It was also the idea at the heart of Sense8.

Absolutely. But this is not a naive idea. Even in the first Matrix, Trinity [Carrie-Anne Moss] knows more than Neo on this subject. Ah, romance, love, intellectuality … (In French.)

To read the full interview, go to the newsstands or on our online store.

Excluded: Lana Wachowski explains how Cloud Atlas and Sense8 influenced Matrix 4

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