Matrix Resurrections: a new trailer in “Already Vú” mode!

“It could be from a bug in the Matrix, it happens when they modify it”

The wait until December 22 will be endless! While we still despair of discovering the official synopsis (three weeks before the release, it is time), the new Matrix by Lana Wachowski (who is in cover of the december issue of First) is revealed a little more with a new and short trailer which does not tell us much more about the plot of this fourth opus.

Fully playing the card of “Deja Vú”, this montage takes up the famous quote from Trinity (“Deja Vu can come from a bug in the Matrix, it happens when they modify it“) and puts into perspective Matrix Resurrections with the previous episodes of the cult saga. One way of telling us that the new film will look like the old ones, but not quite (like the Morpheus 2.0 played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), and that the story will undoubtedly be based on a reboot of the Matrix (reason for the return of Neo and Trinity?).

By squinting our eyes (and freezing), we even seem to distinguish the new shaggy look of the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson) as Trinity liquefies in the form of a code during the coffee scene already teased in the first trailer. . Hodgepodge, we also see Neo facing a black cat, Seraph (the bodyguard of the Oracle seen in Reloaded and Revolutions) or a threatening crowd with green eyes. Distrust, however, Matrix is also a story of pretense and the clues in this video could well be misleading.

Lana Wachowski: “There was no question of going back into the Matrix to go back”

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