Matrix Resurrections: Chad Stahelski, Keanu Reeves’ ex-understudy, talks about his role in the film

Did you notice John Wick’s director cameo?

Today, we know him especially as the director of the saga John wick. For the older ones, Chad Stahelski is also, if not above all, the stuntman who dubbed Keanu Reeves in Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. And it is no coincidence that Lana Wachowski gave him a small role in the 4th film of the saga, currently in theaters.

Warning, slight spoilers to come if you haven’t seen Matrix Resurrections

This time, he’s not playing the liners but a real character. We find it in the part where Neo tries to make Trinity realize who she really is. Because the latter is stuck in the Matrix, with no memories of her previous life. Her name is Tiffany, is a motorcycle fan and is married to a certain Chad, who is therefore played by Stahelski. A choice all the less trivial as the first name Chad is synonymous with Male Alpha in American slang …

In the columns ofEntertainment Weekly, he explains that he didn’t hesitate for long before accepting this cameo:

Lana told me that she was going to put everyone in the movie. I replied that it might be to the detriment of his film. Then she gave me the script with this character of Chad. I said to myself : ‘Are you kidding me ?’. Instinctively I meant ‘no, damn it. I’m busy’. But you have to understand that for everyone who has gone through the Matrix film school, our loyalty is flawless. They call, you answer. I owe my entire career to Keanu and Lana. If they ask me to sweep, I sweep.

The appearance of Stahelksi therefore makes it possible to make a nod to the original Matrix trilogy, while making a link with the evolution of Keanu Reeves, now closely associated with his role as John wick, which will return to the cinema in 2023 for a 4th film.

John Wick 4 is one year behind: release in spring 2023

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