Matrix Resurrections: Neo still knows kung fu in the new trailer

Lana Wachowski’s film comes to light in an exciting final trailer.

Two more weeks to wait. From December 22, we will be able to discover Matrix Resurrections at the movies, and to keep Warner Bros. draws a final trailer for Lana Wachoski’s film, less enigmatic than the previous ones but devilishly effective.

Left for dead at the end of the trilogy, Neo is back from the Matrix, and the War on the Machines is back on the menu. “Already seen, but clearly wrong, we have the wrong story?“, loose Bugs, the girl with blue hair played by Jessica Henwick. Dotted with big action and combat scenes, and nods to previous parts, with even assumed fan service (“Mr Andersoooon!“,”I still know kung fu“), this new trailer concludes a well-run promotional campaign. Something to make us dream of a great conclusion for the SF saga initiated in 1999.

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