Matrix Resurrections: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Agent Smith… trailer decryption

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The promotion of the new film, directed by Lana Wachowski, is well and truly launched.

If the announcement of a new Matrix had been greeted with a fair amount of skepticism, the situation has clearly changed in recent days. With the launch of a website full of images, then the trailer unveiled this Thursday, fans of the saga and science fiction enthusiasts in general were mostly won over by the launch of the promo of Matrix Resurrections. Including within the editorial staff of Première.

The strength of this long three-minute trailer? It seems to show a lot of it, while maintaining a thick mystery about the plot of this new film, and make us believe that Resurrections will be a vulgar rehash of the first Matrix, to better surprise us. Attempt to decipher a trailer that asks more questions than it answers, and makes us want to dive back into the Matrix!

Neo under repair

At the end of Matrix Revolutions, Neo sacrificed himself to bring peace between humans and machines. These last carried his body, without one knowing exactly what they were going to do with it… Obviously, the machines wanted to save the Chosen One, as shown in this plan of the trailer of Matrix Resurrections. In order to “reinject” it into the Matrix, to maintain perpetual equilibrium? We will certainly not know more until the release of the film, but we will notice in this image that Noe’s eyes are burnt, as during the entire conclusion of Revolutions. Which would tend to prove that Resurrections will go well after the third part. Indeed, the rumors predicted a kind of prequel, where the heroes would evolve in a previous version of the Matrix.

Matrix: Neo repaired by machines
Warner Bros.

Who resurrected Trinity?

Yep, at the end of the Matrix trilogy, Trinity is also supposed to be dead. How to explain his return in the new film of Lana Wachowsky? A priori, Trinity was not saved, but resuscitated (after all this is the title of this fourth Matrix). By who ? Mystery. In any case, she also doesn’t seem to remember Neo when they meet at the cafe, even though she feels something touching his hand. We also see it “plugged in” in the real world, indicating that it is back in the flesh and us in the form of a program. She then fights in the Matrix where she utters a cry that doubles her image (a bug?). In short, the trailer brings more questions than answers about the return of Trinity, but at least confirms that she will always be closely linked to Neo and will have a vital role in the film.

Matrix Resurrections: Trinity
Warner Bros.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will be Morpheus

It was an open secret, especially after the release of the trailer for Matrix Resurrections, but Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (the series Watchmen, Chicago Seven, Aquaman, the reboot of Candyman…) Confirmed on his Instagram account that he will play Morpheus. This begs a whole bunch of questions: Why a younger version of the character? Why did Lana Wachowski not ask Laurence Fishburne to come back (he himself officially says he does not understand)? Has Morpheus been rebooted? And did Lana Wachowski follow the continuity of The Matrix Online, the video game for which she had co-wrote the screenplay with her sister, and in which Morpheus passed the weapon to the left?

Neo, the duck and Alice

The trailer of Matrix Resurrections makes strong references to Alice in Wonderland, with the use of the song “White Rabbit”, the bunny tattoo on Jessica Henwick’s arm, Neo entering the Matrix through a mirror and, for those who really didn’t follow, a close-up on Lewis Caroll’s novel. The image showing Neo in his bath with a plastic duck on his head, which has greatly amused Internet users, seems to be an additional wink, the animal being part of the bestiary of the tide of tears created by the tears of tears. ‘Alice in the book. Remember thatAlice in Wonderland was already an explicit reference to the first Matrix, mentioned directly by Morpheus during his first meeting with Neo.

Matrix Resurrections: Alice in Wonderland

Warner Bros.

Sati, is that you?

Seen several times in the trilogy and linked to the Oracle, Sati is a little girl rescued from Mobil Ave by her parents (which are programs) thanks to a deal made with the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson) before being absorbed by Mr. Smith then “spit out” after the reboot of the Matrix. And many Internet users are convinced that she will have a minor but very important role in Matrix 4. Better still, some think they have unmasked her in the trailer for Resurrections : she would be played by Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, who shows Alice’s book to Neo in an Asian restaurant. To find out more, you will also have to wait until mid-December, but it could well act as a new Oracle …

Matrix Resurrections: Sati - Priyanka Chopra
Warner Bros.

Is Jonathan Groff the new Agent Smith?

Just as Morpheus was “re-cast” with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, we know that Agent Smith will be present in the new Matrix in the guise of another actor, Hugo Weaving not being available. Since the announcement of Jonathan Groff’s presence (Mindhunter) in the movie, everyone speculates that he will be the character’s new incarnation. A choice that seems obvious as the coldness of the actor befits the role. Without formalizing it, its appearance and its dialogue (“so many years later, to return to the starting point! Return to the Matrix!“) at the end of the trailer sound like a validation of this theory. And we even think we recognize him in the middle of a fight against Neo in another scene. We can’t wait to hear him let go of his finest”Mr. Anderson” in the movie !

Matrix Resurrections: is Jonathan Groff the new Agent Smith?
Warner Bros.

A more colorful Matrix?

Some have wondered, and rightly so, why the Matrix of Matrix Resurrections is much more colorful (and much less green) than that of the original trilogy. To understand, we have to go back to the end of Matrix Revolutions, where the Matrix is ​​rebooted again after Neo’s “death”. As the symbol of a new hope for an era where peace between humans and machines would finally exist, the colors of the Matrix are more vivid, almost saturated. Another proof that Matrix Resurrections will take place chronologically after Revolutions ?

Matrix Resurrections
Warner Bros.

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