Matrix Resurrections, The Card Counter, Madeleine Collins: the new VOD releases of April 22, 2022 to see on Première Max

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Matrix Resurrections by Lana Wachowski

In the era of meaningless reboots, Lana Wachowski reclaims her major work with Matrix Resurrections, and makes it a veritable manifesto of crazy richness. A pirate blockbuster, thought and act like a bug, and a surprising and gratifying middle finger to the movie industry. But also a real solar love story between Neo (Reeves, very relaxed) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss gives Trinity new version a presence of incredible simplicity) which gives the film its finest moment

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The Card Counter by Paul Schrader

After the sublime First ReformedPaul Schrader questions America’s culpability in The Card Counter. Oscar Isaac impresses in this role of a poker and blackjack player, emerging from a long prison sentence, who finds himself embarked by Tye Sheridan on a destructive quest for revenge against a crazy officer (Willem Dafoe).

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Madeleine Collins by Antoine Barraud

Virginie Efira shines in this thriller about a woman who leads a double love life, between Switzerland and France, with Bruno Salomone and Quim Gutierrez. A border line character all in interiority that the actress embodies masterfully.

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Pleasure by Ninja Thyberg

Coming from feminist and anti-porn activism, Ninja Thyberg delivers her vision of the world of X in this hyper-documented feature film. Pleasure tells the story of Bella (Sofia Kappel, impressive), a young Swedish girl who arrives in LA with the stated ambition of becoming a porn star, and disassembles with precision, without any tremolo or melodrama, the cogs of a system shown as patriarchal and ultra-liberal. A film that twists the belly.

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