Matrix Resurrections: the first extract gives the key to a big mystery

Why are images from the first Matrix showing on Neo? The answer can be found here.

Fans have been taking their heads over for weeks and weeks: why are we seeing footage from the first Matrix projected on walls in the trailers of Matrix Resurrections ? The first clip from Lana Wachowski’s film finally gives an explanation, and a little more. The video shows us Neo (Keanu Reeves) following the mysterious Bugs (Jessica Henwick) through a portal to a Tokyo train. A detour to avoid being tracked, she explains, while casually blurting out that landlines are no longer of any use to return to the real world from this version of the Matrix.

The two characters then take another portal (visibly hidden in the train toilets) to find Morpheus (this time played by Yahya Abdul-Matteen II) on a theater stage (attention, meta moment). In the background, images of Neo’s first meeting with Morpheus, at the time of the events of Matrix 1. Bugs explains that his initial attempt to speak to Neo was chaotic, and that ” elements ” of his ” pass Could drop the pill of what is playing in the present. “ Nothing calms anxiety better than a little nostalgia Morpheus told him (second meta moment).

Matrix Resurrections will be released in France on December 22, and we can’t wait any longer.

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