Matrix Resurrections: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II says more about his “new Morpheus”

A still very mysterious “different iteration of the character”.

Back to the Matrix. If the mystery still hovers around the “new” Morpheus embodied by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Matrix Resurrections, the actor confides in Entertainment Weekly on his role and the highly anticipated fourth installment of the franchise. As a reminder, Laurence Fishburne was not invited to reprise her role in the film..Laurence had already done what had to be done. The script contained a new story and new opportunities that left room for a new Morpheus in the universe. Matrix ”, promises Abdul-Mateen II, without going into too much detail.

In the video game The Matrix Online, which is a priori still part of the continuity of the franchise, Morpheus dies, then returns in the form of a pure program, controlled by machines. But he ends up realizing his free will (we make it short). Could this be the explanation for the return of Morpheus in Matrix Resurrections Yahya Abdul-Mateen II obviously refuses to say more, but ensures that the game did not have an impact on his performance. On the other hand, he promises that it is a ” different iteration of the character »Compared to previous films. ” I play a character who is definitely aware of the history of the Matrix and Morpheus. This character is on a quest to discover himself. There is a lot in this story around growing up and making your own way. Morpheus is as concerned as the others by this.

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He adds that “ what viewers will understand is that there are a lot of rules in the Matrix. Age, appearance, and things that we identify as real can be manipulated in this universe. The Matrix is ​​where anything is possible. »Finally, he makes the link between the first Matrix, which warned about ” what the future could become “, and Matrix Resurrections. ” We may be in that future. But our film is fueled by the hope of what the world could be (…) Everyone is so connected these days. For many reasons, Resurrections will be a mental journey.

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Matrix Resurrections will be released in France at the cinema on December 22. Trailer :

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