Matt Damon auditioned twice for the role of Robin

Matt Damon auditioned twice for the role of Robin
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This was long before his mate Ben Affleck was hired to play Batman.

In full promotion of Stillwater, Matt damon revealed during the podcast Happy Sad Confused whom he had auditioned twice for the role of Robin during his career: “I have two stories to tell about this. For the role of Robin, I first went to New York in 1987, or maybe 1988. I must have been 16 or 17. had no one to speak to. It wasn’t like you auditioning with Batman. There were so many secrets around this type of casting that they were asking you to play a scene from another movie . I never heard from, then ”

In 1989, the first Batman, directed by Tim Burton, was released in theaters, ultimately without any trace of Robin. A few years later, in 1993, Matt Damon had another audition, this time to play the partner of Bruce Wayne / Batman, then played by Val Kilmer. “At that point, they had already chosen Chris O’Donnel, but they were struggling because of his salary, says the star. So the studio continued to audition. They wanted Chris, but for less than he asked for. I remember early in my career I often auditioned like this, knowing full well that I wouldn’t get the part. “

The rule changed shortly after, following the cardboard of Will hunting, in 1997.

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