Matt Damon turned down Avatar … and 10% of the profits

“You will never meet an actor who refused so much money …”

Sam Worthington must say thank you. Matt damon revealed yesterday in Cannes, during his Masterclass (via ComingSoon), having refused the lead role ofAvatar. Even more than a prestigious performance at James cameron, the star of Jason bourne mostly said no to a bunch of dollars!

Indeed, in 2009, Cameron wants it to be Matt damon who plays Jake Sully. And he’s ready to pay the price: “I was offered a short film called Avatar, remembered the actor yesterday on the Croisette. “James cameron even offered me 10% of the profit … I think I’ll go down memory lane with that … You’ll never meet an actor who turned down so much money. “

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And for good reason : Avatar grossed $ 2.8 billion worldwide, which would certainly have allowed Matt damon ultimately pocketing tens of millions of dollars. But he was forced to decline, due to his busy schedule at the time: he was shooting the films of Jason bourne and didn’t want to abruptly quit the franchise.

Sam Worthington therefore had the role for him. But to him, James cameron did not offer 10% of the profits …

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