Matt Reeves uploads a 5-minute deleted scene between Batman and the Joker

Robert Pattinson and Barry Keoghan face to face at Arkham.

Matt Reeves had mentioned it during the release of The Batman, and promised that it would be unveiled sooner or later. Word kept: the director has reposted on his Twitter account the link of the Riddler’s site,, which offered three puzzles allowing access to the cut scene between Batman and the proto-Joker played by Barry Keoghan. For the more lazy, it was also uploaded by Reeves and the Warner Bros. YouTube account. A 5-minute sequence that highlights the confrontation between The Riddler and the Dark Knight in Arkham, as well as the appearance of the Joker at the very end of the film.

In this scene, where we discover more clearly the physical aspect of the Joker, particularly battered, Batman comes to learn about the Riddler from another twisted spirit detained in Arkham. “I know who he is. He’s nobody and he wants to be somebody“, explains the Joker to him, for whom the Riddler acts for personal reasons, and not political. “You have a lot in common, the mask, revenge… You’re terrified because you’re not sure he’s wrong, you think the mayor deserved it.”

This face to face inevitably recalls the scene of the Silence of the Lambs where Clarence Sterling comes to beg information from Hannibal Lecter. here’s how Matt Reeves described it a few weeks ago to IGN :

This is a scene where Batman is really pissed that the Riddler is writing to him. He says to himself: ‘Why is this guy writing to me?’ And he realizes he has to determine the profile of this killer. He’s going to see another killer who he’s clearly had experience with in those first two years. And the killer in this story isn’t the character we know yet, okay? Everyone is in their childhood. Here we have a Joker who is not yet a Joker.

Yes The Batman already lasts almost 3 hours, we know that Matt Reeves had shown a 4 hour version during test sessions. Other cut scenes could therefore see the light of day, in particular with the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film, which is scheduled in France for July 6, 2022.

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