Matthew McConaughey delivers a stirring speech at the White House after the Ulvalde massacre

Matthew McConnaughey delivers a stirring speech at the White House after the Ulvalde massacre
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The actor steps up to the plate after the tragedy which caused the death of 19 children.

Native of Ulvalde, Texas, where a shooting killed 21 people (19 children and two teachers) in an elementary school on May 24, Matthew McConaughey is at the forefront of trying to get gun restrictions moving in the United States. A debate that returns to each mass killing but never advances. This Tuesday, June 7, the actor gave everything by delivering a twenty-minute speech at the White House in front of the press and television cameras.

McConaughey once again called on the country to act in the face of this umpteenth tragedy, “so that his lost lives count for something“. In order to make an impression, he pointed to his wife, the Brazilian model Camile Alves, who was holding the sneakers of one of the young victims, Maite Rodriguez, 9, who dreamed of becoming an expert in marine biology. “It was those Converse she had on her feet that turned out to be the only way to clearly identify her after the killing.“, explained McConaughey. The young girl had drawn a heart on it to express her love of nature…

He also recounted meeting a mortuary makeup artist who went out of her way to “that the victims can appear as peaceful and natural as possible” at their burial. “These bodies needed more than just makeup. They needed a real restoration. Why ? Due to the exceptionally large wounds generated by an AR-15 rifle“, he lamented before asking for the implementation of several measures forcing the purchase of such weapons of war.

McConnaughey’s position is all the stronger because he has never openly displayed Democratic opinions, unlike many Hollywood stars. However, he never said he was a Republican, even when he considered running for Governor of Texas a few months ago. The most right-wing conservative media, which immediately took him to task following this platform, were quick to decide: he is not in their camp.

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