Matthew McConaughey: “We shot Interstellar without any green background”

Focus on the special effects used by Christopher Nolan for his sci-fi film.

Update of October 21, 2021: While Christopher nolan prepare his next film, a biopic of the creator of the atomic bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer, TF1 Séries Films will rebroadcast one of his most popular films this evening: Interstellar.

Shortly before its release, seven years ago, its star Matthew McConaughey ensured in Empire that this sci-fi film was made without green backgrounds. Not without special effects, obviously, the director having wanted to represent a trip to the heart of a black hole, but with techniques allowing the actors to be immersed as much as possible in the atmosphere desired by the director.

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News of October 14, 2014: Interstellar is on the cover of the new issue of‘Empire. The British magazine devotes an entire dossier to Christopher nolan and his team. Matthew McConaughey makes an astonishing revelation: “When people go to see it, they will believe that we used a lot of green funds to be able to do it. When there was NONE.” The director of the trilogy Dark knight did he really do without this technique for his ambitious science fiction film? Paul Franklin, who supervised the special effects, explains that there are bound to be digital additions “but no more than in The Dark Knight Rises Where Inception. By embarking on such an adventure, we obviously had to innovate in terms of technique. “ But without going through the green funds box.

In fact, rather than using this process and adding images of space after the fact, the shots of the black hole (a crucial plot point) or new planets were created before filming, so that the visual effects team can broadcast them during the shooting to the actors. The latter were therefore playing in a life-size vessel, in the middle of a gigantic film set, and they could interact with realistic images. “So when we told them, ‘Look, there’s a black hole behind the glass’, they really saw an image of a black hole behind the glass. Not just a green background.”.

Attached to a hydraulic system, the vessel could be set in motion, so that Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Wes bentley and the others are immersed in the action as much as possible. “It’s the biggest movie of my career, admits his star. In fact, it’s the biggest movie of a lot of people’s careers “. Hathaway confirms: thanks to these hard decorations, “The result is believable. This is not an abstract sci-fi film. Blood runs in its veins.” “This is exactly what we wanted to do, concludes Nolan. Whether the actors leave Earth’s orbit, enter a black hole, or explore an unknown planet, we wanted them to be able to interact with real elements. That’s why we built these realistic sets “.

The story ofInterstellar : A group of explorers are using a recently discovered rift in space-time to push human limits and set off to conquer astronomical distances on an interstellar journey …

Trailer d‘Interstellar :

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