Matthew Vaughn: “Believe it or not, I don’t like violent movies”

In 2017, the director presented Kingsman 2 in Paris. Flashback, pending the broadcast of the Golden Circle this Sunday on TF1.

The first channel benefits from the theatrical release of The King’s Man: first mission to offer its predecessor this weekend. When it was released in 2017, Matthew Vaughn presented The Golden Circle to the Parisian public. Here are the details.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is even better than the first Kingsman

Article from September 29, 2017: Matthew vaughn was last night at Mk2 Grand Palais to talk about Kingsman: The Golden Circle during a Q&A organized after the session. Chatty and relaxed, the director went back in detail on the creation of this sequel, as well as on its previous successes, and on its future projects. Best-of.

The Golden Circle is his first sequel
“We did this sequel, because we felt we could develop these characters more. And then we all got along well, like a family. We wanted to meet again. We had so much fun on the first one. Often times. , the sequels are made for the money, but here, we especially wanted to have fun. The studio was hoping for a more mainstream film, but it was out of the question, we had to keep the same tone. “

“The sequels are difficult, because people are hoping to find what they liked in the first film, but if you just go back to the formula, they’re going to be disappointed. is primarily interested in character journeys with Mark (Millar, the author of the original comics and co-writer of the two feature films). “

“I also wanted to broadcast the sensations that I felt when I was younger in the cinema. In the 1970s, there were action films, others in space, comedies, romances… I felt transported, that ‘ was an escape. Right now we need that, I think, we really built this sequel as an escape. “

“I feel like I get paid to have fun. It’s not a job, I dreamed of doing it as a kid. I never wanted to do a sequel just to do a sequel. burst again. It was the only rule on Kingsman 2 : have fun! Hope the public likes it. “

“If I had a code name like the Kingsmen? It would be very British, it would be Agent Cherry.”

Tribute to Prince in intro
“I am a big fan of Prince, I was devastated when he died. Basically, we had imagined the first scene as an illustration of the hero’s crappy tastes: Eggsy had to listen to rotten music, but we changed our minds. I believe they did the same on Dead Pool ? In short, on the death of Prince, I listened to his songs all the time, and I completely rethought that opening sequence. “

kingsman 2
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An anti-spoiler director
“When it became known that Colin firth was on the set of 2, I told everyone that he came to shoot flashbacks. The return of Harry Hart, that had to be the big twist of the film. I wanted viewers to be as surprised as Merlin. But they showed it in the trailers. Marketing films today is a nightmare. It ruins the movie experience. Kingsman was full of surprises and it was cool. So please don’t talk about the cameo (he then deliberately does not mention the name of the star in question, even though she was also teased in the promo – she has her poster for example). All I can tell you is that I already wanted to offer him a role in the first film, which he refused and when he saw it, he regretted it. So he arrived on this sequel, and he was adorable. It was really great to tour with him! “

kingsman 2
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Villains in the air
“I really can’t tell you how the character of Julianne Moore. What is certain is that we wanted to repeat what we had achieved with Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson, editor’s note). We understood his plan. He was tackling a real problem, global warming. His solution was terrible, but the problem was real. In the following, we took that again: the stake had to make sense. The legalization of drugs is a real social problem. Then I thought of a woman walking in Margaret thatcher and Martha stewart. I don’t know why, but it came like this, I immediately imagined the hamburger scene. I was fascinated by the sight of a woman who was at the same time beautiful, gentle, smiling and at the same time so cruel and strong. “

Love of comics
“Why did you shoot Kingsman 2 but not Kick-Ass 2 ? On Kick-Ass, I told myself that someone could do it for me. And precisely, speaking of violence, this is a good example. The first movie was violent, but the most shocking scenes were always funny. In the 2, they didn’t really make you laugh, they made you wince. Strangely after the fact I felt guilty for not having done Kick-Ass 2. I had the impression of having let down the actors, the fans… When the project of Kingsman 2 was born, I saw no reason to leave it to someone else. “

X-Men: the Beginning is a hell of a damn prequel

X-Men, it was easy, because the previous one was so bad… Even making an average film, it would have done the trick, we didn’t have so much pressure. It was going back to the 1960s, when the original comics were written, it was interesting. Kick-Ass was harder to adapt. Mark had great ideas, but some characters were downright negative, we had to rework them. Kingsman, it was in between. A lot of adaptation work, but we knew each other with Mark, we managed to understand each other well. And above all, I was at the origin of the project. I’ll classify them like this: Kick-Ass, it was the hardest comics to adapt, X-Men it was easier and Kingsman between.”

kingsman 2
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A third part… and then?
“The success of the first film was impressive, unexpected. It was a great surprise. We loved what we had done, we loved the comics, we had fun. I think people felt it. I would like to change in The Golden Circle ? Give me two years. (laughs) There, I don’t know. I had to cut 45 minutes from the film, and it had never happened to me before. It was some great scenes, so there are probably some things I would like to change… Maybe this will be my first long version? For example, we had a whole love affair between Merlin and Ginger. She was very funny. “

“We have material to do a very cool third installment. The characters have evolved a lot, we wonder how we are going to be able to play with that. If someone manages to guess what I have in mind, I will be sad. is really twisted. After that, I would still have to go back to normal movies (laughs). “

“I liked to shoot a X-Men, but not the fact of working for a big studio, which nitpicked over the details. It is true thatI was approached for a Superman. I love the character, I have ideas, we talk about it… but again, I should be able to have fun, be free enough to do what I love. “

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