Meeting with the team: “The more flaws your character has, the funnier it is”


Philippe Lacheau and his troupe answered our questions about their crazy comedy.

We take almost the same ones (the co-director Nicolas Benamou is missing, gone to do thoroughly) and we start again! After the two Baby sittingthe incredible Philippe Lacheau (alone behind the camera), Tarek Boudali and Julien Arruti left in 2017 on a new high concept comedy,, in which they play sorcerer’s apprentices through a society that provides any kind of alibi to indelicate people. But the day the hero falls in love with the beautiful Flo (Elodie Fontan) whose father is one of his clients, things become complicated to manage…

The film that… by Philippe Lacheau

The three thieves, accompanied by actress Elodie Fontan, come back to the fun filming of the film on video, while waiting to see it again this Sunday on TF1. The channel reschedules it on the occasion of the release of the new comedy by La Bande à Fifi, Despite himself superheroes.

Alpe d’Huez 2022: “Superhero despite himself had to be a parody of Jason Bourne” [interview]

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