Mélanie Thierry as mother courage in the first trailer of La Vraie famille

Fabien Gorgeart’s film triumphed during the Angoulême festival, which notably crowned the actress.

Building on its triumph at the Angoulême festival, the film The True Family by Fabien Gorgeart offers a first trailer, where his cast is revealed, carried by Mélanie Thierry.

In this feature film, the director’s third after Diane on the shoulders, in 2017, Mélanie Thierry played Anna, 34, who lives with her husband, played by Lyes Salem, and their two sons. The family is completed by Simon, a child placed with them by Social Assistance since he was 18 months old, and who is now six years old. One day, Simon’s biological father (in the guise of Félix Moati), expresses the desire to regain custody of his son. It is heartbreaking for Anna, who cannot bring herself to let go of the one who has always called her “Mom”.

Produced by Marie Dubas and Jean des Forêts, The True Family promises to be a moving drama, revolving around the subject of motherhood and the family, like Diane has the shoulders before him. Mélanie Thierry is overwhelming there, as confirmed by the jury of the Angoulême festival, which awarded her the Valois for best actress, in addition to the jury prize awarded to the feature film.

The film will hit theaters on February 16, 2022.

A story of love and desire and The True Family triumph in Angoulême

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