Meredith and Cormac as a couple in season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy Meredith McCormak

“I don’t think she’s actively looking for someone …”

Will she end the series on her own, widow and mom? Or did the authors of Grey’s Anatomy still have love stories in stock for Meredith? Let’s be clear, after the events of Season 17, there is little more than Cormac left to take the job. Attention spoilers!

Handsome Dr. Hayes, also widower, invited the Seattle star doctor to a real date. Will it be successful? Nothing is less certain, according to executive producer Meg Marinis in TVLine, which reminds us that Mer will certainly still be in mourning, after having seen his last love die. Yes. Still. “I think Meredith went through a wringer last season. Even though she was in a bed [pendant une grande partie de la saison 17 à cause du COVID], she just lost DeLuca anyway! “

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Clearly, Mer won’t be in romance mode when she takes over Grey’s Anatomy : “I don’t think she’s actively looking for someone”, comments the producer. “Because she has just emerged from the COVID crisis, and her career and her family have always been her priority. Now, that doesn’t mean that he (Cormac) won’t be able to find her … “

Moreover, Meg Marinis tempers in conclusion: “I think Meredith is open but not really looking around. “

We will see that next Thursday, September 30 for the return of Grey’s Anatomy on the American channel ABC.

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