Messy love in sight in the Big Mouth season 5 trailer

Big Mouth - season 5 trailer

The teens of Bridgeton College are not at the end of their surprises!

Andrew, Nick, Jessi, Jay and Missy are back in a fifth season of Big mouth, the series created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg broadcast on Netflix. Accompanied by their hormone monster, teens continue their learning of romantic and sexual relationships with brand new characters. After the anxiety monster, make way for the butterfly of love and the snakes of hate! And it is in a deliciously explosive trailer that season 5 promises to be messy and trashy at will.

Available from November 5 on Netflix, this new season will be released in the middle of the pre-Christmas period: a special Christmas episode is therefore planned! And it is of course Maurice, Andrew’s monster, who teases him: “We’re going to make you a promise that no other Christmas program can make. Tonight you’re going to see Santa’s cock!”

We do not know how to take this information, but in any case season 5 promises to be as insane as the previous four! Something to think about at the end of the series which is approaching: it has so far only been renewed for six seasons.

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