Mia Smoak to return to the ArrowVerse in season 8 of The Flash

Mia smoak

Katherine McNamara announces it herself since the shooting!

The old oneArrow will take up arms again in The Flash. A year and a half after his last appearance in the ArrowVerse, in the grand finale ofArrow, the actress Katherine mcnamara will be back for “Armageddon,” the season 8 opening episode.

This eighth season of The Flash kicks off on Tuesday, November 16 with a five-part special that will bring back a stunt of guests, including Batwoman, The Atom, Black Lightning or Sentinel. Mia Smoak, the grown-up daughter of Felicity and Oliver’s future, will also be back. How? ‘Or’ What ? “We are dealing with speedsters who can time travel in The Flash, says showrunner Eric Wallace in TVLine.

In “Armageddon” we will see “a powerful alien threat arrive on Earth under mysterious circumstances. Barry, Iris and the rest of Team Flash are pushed to their limits in a desperate battle to save the world“, tease the official synopsis.”But with the passing of time and the fate of humanity at stake, Flash and his companions will also have to call on old friends to win the day for the forces of good. “

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