Michael B. Jordan wants to make his own Black Superman streaming

A film or series for the HBO MAX platform is in preparation.

He embodied the Human Torch of Fantastic Four and also Killmonger facing Black panther. Corn Michael B. Jordan has every intention of cheating on Marvel! According to Collider, the actor is preparing a project for the competing DC team, with Warner Bros. and his production company, Outlier Society. And not just any project: a Black superman to the HBO Max platform! A story centered on the character of Val-Zod, a black character from the DC comics.

And this is the big difference with the other similar event in progress, the one carried by Ta-Nehisi Coates and the producer JJ Abrams, who have been working for a few months on a Black superman, but who would be Kal-El.

Michael B. Jordan has already tried to launch his film in 2019, but it has not taken off. According to some sources, is not interested in the idea of ​​a change in Kal-El’s skin color and wants an item centered on a Superman who has always been black. Hence Val-Zod, Kryptonian of Earth-2, one of the last surviving of his kind in the universe. A very recent character in comics, since he was born on paper in 2014.

For now, the project has hired a screenwriter whose identity is still a secret. It is also not known whether it will be a series or a movie. Jordan’s role is also unclear. We know he will produce, but it remains to be seen if he will play in it as well.

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