Michael Bay doesn’t care about Will Smith’s slap: ‘Babies are blowing themselves up in Ukraine’

Michael Bay

“At first, I thought it was a set-up …”, comments the director of Bad Boys.

Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars never ceases to make Hollywood react. Corn Michael Bay has its slap! He who directed the star in bad boys and Bad Boys II responds bluntly to Yahoo: “I honestly don’t care!”

Michael Bay says he didn’t watch the Oscars. And even if he saw the images of the slap, he’s not interested: “First of all, it’s wrong. Period. After that, I don’t care. Hollywood is getting very self-centered. There are babies being blown up in Ukraine right now. We should talk about that instead! I m ‘Frankly don’t care!’

Michael Bay nevertheless clarified in stride:I worked with Will Smith. He’s not that kind of guy who slaps. I’ve never seen him lose his temper like that. At first I thought it was a set up because I saw his smirk. I’ve been on set with Will and seen him prank people and joke around and everything. It was a slap. Not a punch… And then I heard him scream… and I realized he was really pissed!”

Since the Oscars, Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock and resigned from the Academy, “broken heart“. The farce theory is now far behind…

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