Michael Bay: “I should have stopped at Transformers 3”

The director says he should have listened to Steven Spielberg.

Michael Baythe king of backfiring blockbusters, admits it in full promo ofAmbulance : staging five blockbusters of the saga transformersit was two too many. ” It’s true, he admits toUnilad, I overdid it. [Mon producteur] Steven Spielberg said : ‘Stop at three.’ And I said I would. The studio begged me to do a fourth, and it brought in a billion. Then I said I was going to stop there. And they begged me again. I should have stopped, but it was so fun to do…”

The director nevertheless remains proud of this saga, which has suffered a lot of criticism since 2007, especially from its initial stars, Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox. Transformers 2: Revenge was, for the first somewhat missed, as he explained to the magazine FHM : “ IThere are a lot of people who liked this sequel, but I hated it. […] I was lost, I didn’t understand what was happening with certain robots… I couldn’t decipher certain scenes. There are whole parts of the scenario that were lowering the level. And for good reason: 2009 follows the year of the American screenwriters’ strike. The 3rd, The dark side of the moonwas marred by the absence of Megan Fox. Then the arrival of Mark Wahlberg and the dinobots in the 4 – age of extinction – (which was the biggest worldwide box office success) announced episode 5: The Last Knightin 2017. A sequel that has generally exhausted the public, even the first hour fans of transformers.

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During this same interview for Unilad UKBay comes back to the first opus which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year: “The first movie was scary. It was a technology that we didn’t know if it would work, and then it was very successful. It was the first time that digital effects were so reflective, which paved the way for many innovations. It was a great experience. He brought in more than [709 millions de dollars], which is a lot of movie tickets so a lot of people have seen it. »

The huge success of transformers is indeed undeniable. This is also the reason why the franchise never ends: after a first spin-off on Bumblebee, Rise of the Beasts will arrive in 2023. These two films are still produced by Michael Bay.

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