Michael Caine announces his potential retirement… then retracts

The 88-year-old actor is reportedly still hungry for the movies.

BBC show guest Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review, Michael Caine quietly announced that he was retiring after the film Best Sellers, released on VOD here. ” It was my last role », He launched. ” Because I haven’t worked for two years and I have a problem with my spine which causes me problems with my leg, so I don’t walk very well anymore. I have also written a book, several books even, which have been published and have been successful. So I’m not an actor anymore, I’m an author. Which is great because when you’re an actor, you have to get up at 6:30 a.m. and go to the studio. As an author, I can start writing without getting out of bed!

And when the host asks him more directly if he is officially retired, he replies: ” I think so. I haven’t received any offers, obviously, for two years. Because nobody makes the movies I want to make. And then I am also 88 years old. Scripts with an 88-year-old main character don’t run the streets.

After more than 130 films, no one will blame Michael Caine for stopping his career. However, his relatives quickly denied the announcement of his retirement to Variety and Caine himself sent a statement: “ I’ve spent fifty years washing myself at 6 a.m. to make movies, and I’m not going to get rid of my alarm clock! “. He also tweeted ironically not ” not be retired and few people know it “.

Obviously, there was a small communication problem, even if the words of Michael Caine did not leave too much room for doubt … That the fans be reassured: according to Variety, the actor is said to be studying two scripts for future projects.

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