Michael Caine talks about why he went 8 years without blinking

Michael caine

“Everyone took me for a psychopath”, says the actor nicknamed since “Snake Eyes”.

A few days ago, Michael caine explained why he “avoided retirement”, detailing that he owed his return to the cinema to Jack Nicholson. Today, it’s time for a crisp new anecdote: the 88-year-old actor, who won two Oscars (best supporting role for Hannah and her sisters, in 1987, then best actor for The Work of God, the Devil’s part, in 2000), details in Mirror have spent several years trying not to blink, having read this advice in a book giving “tips” to become a better actor, Teach Yourself Acting.

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“There’s one thing that stuck in my head: ‘Don’t blink. You don’t have to blink.’ As a result, for the next eight years, I was wandering around trying not to. People around me, my mom, my friends, everyone thought I was crazy. They all took me for one. psychopath. I scared a lot of people. “

He then adds to have stopped not blinking in public, but that he resumes this habit on the sets. This has earned him the nickname of “Snake Eyes” (snake eyes), and he says he’s not the only famous comedian to have taken this advice, as Anthony Hopkins never blinks in Thesilenceofthelambs. “If you don’t blink at all, it allows you to hypnotize the audience, in a way, he analyzes. It’s not so much the power to keep your eyes open that matters, but the calm that it entails. There is a certain economy, and there is power, which is to stay unperturbed. “

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