Michaël Youn announces BDE, his next comedy for Amazon

The film also starring Héléna Noguerra, Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Vincent Desagnat, will be released on Prime Video in 2023.

Two years later Divorce Club, Michael Youn is making a comeback and is about to sign his fourth feature film. The former host of Morning Liveto whom we already owe Long live France (in 2013) and Fatal (in 2010), will produce BDEa comedy for the Prime Video streaming platform.

He will also be in the cast, alongside Héléna Noguerra, Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Vincent Desagnat.

Filming has just started and we know that BDE will follow”Bob, Romane, Max and Vinz, four friends in their forties, who met at the BDE of their business school, the Nantes Institute of Business. 20 years later, they have settled down and lead orderly lives. Except… Once a year, when they meet for the WEB: the Bioman Weekend. Where there, it “transmutes” strongly as they like to say. Clearly: it drinks and it sings in a pathetic way. This year, head to “La Folie Douce” in Val Thorens for a crazy weekend. A little ashamed to assume this regressive parenthesis, the “Bioman” lie to their respective entourage. And, it is on the pretext of a real estate sale in the magnificent chalet of Bob’s father-in-law, that our friends land in Val Thorens. But on the spot, it’s the cold shower: the “Bioman” find themselves in the middle of the Spring Break of the 150 enraged students of their old school! Between fountain of youth and ego contest, our friends will very quickly get caught up in the game of student life and be involved in an evening that will change their lives forever. Together, forty-somethings and millennials, will transform the father-in-law’s chalet into a pile of ashes and put the ski resort… on fire and blood!

This “spring break” in the mountains will also welcome Rayane Bensetti, Ludovik, Manon Azem, Virginie Hocq, Gilbert Melki, Tomer Sisley, Michèle Laroque, Judith El Zein, Benjamin Morgaine and even rugby player Sébastien Chabal to his delirium.

The screenplay is co-written by Matt Alexander and Michael Younbased on an original idea by Dominique Gauriaud, Jurij Prette and Michaël Youn.

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