Michel Hazanavicius explains the awesome nude scene of Le Redoutable

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The Redoubtable

When Louis Garrel and Stacy Martin, naked as worms, criticize gratuitous nudity on the screen.

France 3 is continuing its Cannes cycle. After Parasite, by Bong Joon-Ho, and Happy End, by Michael Haneke, last week, place on this Monday evening at Everybody Knows, by Asghar Farhadi, at 9:05 p.m., then The Redoubtable, by Michel Hazanavicius. In parallel, there is also a dozen films from previous Cannes festivals offered on France.TV.

First had met Michel Hazanavicius on the occasion of the release of Formidable, his biopic of Jean-Luc Godard., in September 2017 (n ° 419 with Mark Hamill on the cover). Half portrait, half comedy, the film is original. Its director has fun in particular to pastich the cinematographic ideas of his model, from his famous slogans to his colorful shots through famous traveling shots. He also had the good idea to play with the concept of “free nudity”, by showing its two main actors, Louis Garrel and Stacy Martin, philosophizing on the subject … while they themselves are naked. Extract.

The Redoubtable: Chinese portrait of Godard


More than his colleagues from the Nouvelle Vague, Godard has made European cinema more comfortable with nudity on the screen. Hazanavicius has not forgotten it.
“I’m not crazy about nude scenes, I don’t usually film them. When I see actors pretending to have sex on screen, I find it embarrassing – except when sex is the subject of history. There, I obviously could not avoid it because nudity is linked to the transgressive relationship between this young bourgeois, little girl of Francois Mauriac, and his revolutionary mentor who, at 37, is already old. However, I wanted this nudity to have a pop and stylized look. The film is generally quite “deserotized” and distanced on the issue. It is an assumed choice. The first love scene, in black and white, very graphic, is thus an explicit reference to A married woman. As for the moment when Louis and Stacy, naked as worms, criticize the gratuitous nudity on the screen, this is a scene that I have had in mind for twenty-five years, and which happened to be perfectly suited to the project. . I was really happy to finally be able to place it! “

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