Mickey Rourke announces he’s starring in new Roman Polanski, The Palace

The film is currently being shot in Switzerland.

Three years after I accuse, which had caused a huge controversy around the César 2020, Roman Polanski began shooting his 24th feature film, The Palace. It was in Gstaad that the 88-year-old filmmaker set up his cameras to direct this 1999 New Year’s story set in a luxurious hotel written by Jerzy Skolimowski, who had already worked with the director for his very first film, The knife in the waterin 1962.

The announcement of the shooting caused a stir in Switzerland, where a group of technicians, actors and filmmakers from French-speaking Switzerland launched a petition.Roman Polanski is currently shooting his next feature film in Gstaad. He has the right and we can’t stop him from working“, says their text. “On the other hand, we can take the floor to denounce the ease with which a man convicted of rape, accused on multiple occasions and who still and always flees justice can engage without hindrance in a public artistic process.

Given the controversy surrounding Polanski, accused of rape by seven women, the greatest secrecy surrounds the casting of the film. Several names were announced, including that of Catherine Deneuve, but her presence was denied by his agency with our colleagues from Allociné. John Cleese and Joaquim de Almeida could also be in it. And an Italian site relayed by The Parisian advances other actors and actresses like Luca Barbareschi, Fortunato Cerlino, Naike Anna Silipo, Matthew T. Reynolds and Teco Celio. But nothing is official at this point.

Visibly not embarrassed by the sulfur character of Polanski, Mickey Rourke revealed to him on his Instagram account that he was currently on the set of the film. In the text accompanying the photo, the American actor even braids the director’s praises:

It is a great pleasure to work with the legendary and talented Roman Polanski. Working with such a director is a great privilege for me (…) Generally I don’t argue with most directors, but Polanski is not a director like the others. All the suggestions he gives me simplify my task thanks to his years of experience (…) God bless this man, I am in a hurry to be able to make a film with him again“.

It remains to be seen how the release of The Palace, which could be ready for this fall, by European distributors and festivals. In 2019, the Venice Film Festival selected I accusewho had received the jury prize, relaunching a controversy which reached its climax with its César award for best director and the exit in protest of Adèle Haenel.

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