Midnight Mass: The Very Intriguing Trailer For The Mike Flanagan Series

Midnight mass

The creator of The Haunting of Hill House still wants to scare us.

“We are uncomfortable not knowing.” Yet that’s the goal of this trailer for Midnight mass, the new series by Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House and Bly manor), which intrigues the spectators with a montage of which we do not understand all the stakes, but which is suddenly particularly intriguing (especially since it is unveiled after short teasers to decipher). It’s also stressful, with the montage going crescendo showing more and more disturbing material, which has been unfolding on Crockett Island since the return of a former native of the country (Zach Gilford), which coincides with the arrival of a priest (Hamish Linklater), who ends up asking in a loop: “Why?” … Why? … Why? “

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It is about faith, murders, strange appearances, and by wrapping filming at the end of last year, its creator made it clear that it was his favorite project in his career. He also referred to his three years of sobriety to explain how it was his most personal story. “There is darkness in Crockett Island, he wrote. Some of it is supernatural, but the most frightening is the part that arises from human nature. Unfortunately, the darkness that animates this story is not difficult to find in our world. “ Themes that logically recall the very dark novels of Stephen King, which Flanagan has adapted several times (Jesse, Doctor Sleep…), and which seems to have inspired him once again when writing this story.

In addition to these two actors particularly present in the trailer, Mike Flanagan finds on this project faithful actors, like his companion Kate Siegel (the heroine of Hush, also in Haunting, Oculus Where Ouija: the origins), Henry Thomas (the father of Hill house) or Rahul Kohli (Owen in Bly manor). The 7-episode series is scheduled to air September 24 on Netflix.

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