Midnight Run: Robert de Niro is preparing a sequel with Regina Hall

His 1988 comedy inspired Aeysha Carr, one of the screenwriters of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Released 34 years ago in cinemas, MidnightRun (back at 8:50 p.m. on Arte) is an emblematic detective comedy from the 1980s, conceived by Martin Brest, who was already behind the success of the Beverly Hills Cop, in 1984. Worn by Robert De Niro as a bounty hunter in charge of finding an accountant played by Charles Grodin (the father of Beethovenwho died in 2021), it must have had a sequel for several years now: in 2010, Universal hired Timothy Dowling (pixels) to write it. Last November, variety revealed that it is ultimately Aeysha Carr, known in particular for her work as a screenwriter on the series Brooklyn Nine Nine, who was hired by the studio to dream up the plot for this sequel. This will be carried by Regina Hall (Scary Movie). Robert De Niro will be the producer, but nothing says for the moment that he will take over the role of Jack Walsh.

While waiting for info on this new version, don’t miss the original tonight. In 1988, MidnightRun had a small success in theaters (500,000 admissions in France, 80 million dollars in revenue worldwide), but it has since conquered viewers on VHS, DVD and during its reruns on television. Nominated at the time for the Golden Globes in the best comedy category when it was released, it especially marked the public for its excellent duet: De Niro and Grodin obviously had a lot of fun sending spades on the set, and several of their improvisations have also been kept by the director. Note that it will be followed by another film famous for its well-crafted dialogues: Reservoir Dogsby Quentin Tarantino.

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