Mike Colter still can’t digest Luke Cage’s cancellation on Netflix

Netflix / Screen Capture

The actor would have liked in particular to tell the comic book Alias, in which Jessica Jones and Luke have a child and are trying to lead a normal life …

Even if Luke cage was one of Netflix’s biggest hits at the time, the series was canceled as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher and Iron fist, when Disney launched its own platform, bringing its Marvel license home. Luke cage was thus only entitled to two seasons and Mike Colter still struggles to digest:

“To be honest, no, I never got over this cancellation. There was so much we could have done with it. Luke cage… There is obviously the Alias ​​series (in the Marvel comics), in which Jessica Jones and Luke had a child and had this adult life that they were trying to lead, a period where they work in the workforce, trying to make ends meet … It would have been very interestingt “, se heartbroken the actor in Collider.

The awesome demonic series Evil already renewed for a season 3

Mike Colter goes on to explain that he would also have liked to have had the chance to explore the Luke cage when he suddenly finds himself at the head of the Harlem’s Paradise club (at the end of season 2): “Is he going to become a bad guy or at least this guy now on the other side of the law? Who is going to stop him? That was another thing that would have been interesting to tell, to see him in the skin of a gangster, that would have been cool too … “

“So no, I don’t think we can accept this cancellation. Anyway, I still haven’t made it, even though they gave Luke one last appearance in Jessica Jones,” concludes Mike Colter. “But that’s the way it is. It’s part of the things of life, among which we will never know what could have happened. There are a lot of series that suffer this fate on television …”

In any case, the cancellation of Luke cage allowed Mike Colter to become the star of one of the best series currently: Evil, whose season 2 has just started (in France on Salto) and, this time, already renewed for a third season …

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