Milla: a luminous feel good tragedy [critique]

A tough subject – a teenager condemned by cancer – treated with great inventiveness and carried by the exceptional Eliza Scanlen.

A teenager with terminal cancer meets by chance on a station platform a young marginalized barely older than her with whom she will live her first great love story called to be the last … Described thus, the Australian Shannon Murphy’s first film pitch can make you fear an uncontrollable and quickly unbearable tearful torrent, in every sense of the word. Precisely all that is not Milla ! So much we are here a thousand places from Our opposite stars and others Everything, everything. Car Shannon Murphy (director of various episodes of Killing Eve) will not cease to twist this tragic starting point and the arc of a story apparently too written in advance to arouse any surprise. First, by its bias for a precisely never linear story, constructed by incessant digressions and breaks. But also by the liveliness of its always moving camera, reflecting both the overflowing energy of vitality and the permanent instability of its main characters.

In a perfect balance between laughter and tears, according to the invigorating colors of his photograph by Andrew Commis (Fantastic birthday), Milla invented as a new genre, the feel- good tragedy, which places the viewer in a permanent unknown. And can count on Eliza Scanlen for that. After Daughters of Doctor March, The Devil, all the time and the very recent Old, she confirms her rise to power by her ability to play with the most contradictory feelings in a natural way that leaves your mouth speechless. A (already) great actress.

Of Shannon Murphy. With Eliza Scanlen, Toby Wallace, Essie Davis .. Duration: 1h56. Release July 28, 2021

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