Mindhunter season 3 was supposed to take place in Hollywood

The investigators would have crossed paths with Jonathan Demme and Michael Mann!

Andrew Dominik starts teasing Blonde hair, his sulphurous Marilyn Monroe biopic. At the microphone of Colliderthe director also gave an update on the series mindhunter, for which he directed a few episodes. He thus reveals that if David Fincher and Joe Penhall had not put production on hold after the end of season 2, broadcast on Netflix since the summer of 2019, its sequel would have seen investigators Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) leaving for Hollywood.

“For season 3, they wanted to go to Hollywood, he explains. The first would have met Jonathan Demme and the second, Michael Mann. It would have been about how profiling became fashionable, fascinated the public. It would have… This season was the moment everyone was waiting for, when they finally come out of their basement to start getting their work out there.”

The way Andrew Dominik talks about the series leaves little hope for the production of this season 3, even if officially, mindhunter is “on break”, not definitively cancelled. Knowing that it should have (should?) have continued in Hollywood is perfectly logical in relation to the course of the two investigations. It is based on the work of Robert Ressler and John E. Douglas, the first “profilers” of the FBI, whose work rightly inspired Thomas Harris to write his novels about Hannibal Lecter, the sadistic cannibal, who was played on film by Anthony Hopkins for Jonathan Demme in Thesilenceofthelambsin 1991, but also by Brian Cox in The Sixth Sense (Manhunter), by Michael Mann, in 1986. Their mention is therefore not insignificant: the agents played by Jodie Foster and William L. Petersen in the films mentioned above were created precisely from the anecdotes told by the two men in books on their hunts for serial killers. Particularly Mindhunter: Inside the mind of a profilerthe working basis of the series mindhunter.

Mindhunter Season 3 Wasn’t Ready, But David Fincher Might Return To It Someday

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