Miss Marvel: A breath of fresh air named Iman Vellani (review)

Miss Marvel

Smart, cool and full of style, the new MCU series, launching today on Disney +, also owes a lot to its young revelation, a total stranger who bursts the screen.

She’s not going to revolutionize the world of superheroes. But Miss Marvel brings a terribly fun breath of fresh air to the franchise avengers. Launched today on the Disney + platform, the new original series from the MCU respects the codes of theorigin storybut does it with style and casualness.

Above all, it succeeds in introducing the first vengeful Muslim in the history of the saga, skilfully slaloming between clichés, seeking to stick as close as possible to a certain reality, while carefully avoiding sinking into stereotypes or complacency. A real feat in itself, which owes a lot to the performance ofIman Vellani.

This 20-year-old novice, totally unknown to the big or small screen, is a breath of fresh air in the Marvel Universe. She subtly embodies this teenager from New Jersey, torn between the American pop culture in which she is immersed on a daily basis, and the traditional Pakistani culture of her parents. Absolute fan of Captain Marvel – not the character from the comics, but the heroine who saved her world from the fingers of Thanos in Endgame – Kamala worships Carol Danvers and practices cosplay with her best friend Bruno. While the first edition of AvengerCon is preparing near her home, the high school student must fight against her parents, who refuse to let her go out dressed in a tight superheroine costume. And it is at this moment that she will come across ancient artifacts belonging to her family. Old magic items sent by her grandmother from Pakistan…

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It’s hard not to love Kamala Khan. And through revelation Iman Vellani, the series can afford to cleverly explore the integration of the Muslim community within modern America. Both to show her in a light”more human”as the screenwriter told us Bisha K Ali. But without angelism either, not hesitating to point out, in particular, its patriarchal domination which comes up against the emancipation of women today. Miss Marvel has things to say and does not just install a Muslim superheroine for the beauty of the gesture

But beyond the strong symbolism, the series is above all a resolutely delightful comedy. Visually, the hyper-cartoonish first episode resembles a cross between Scott Pilgrim and Spider-Man Next Generation. It’s cool, stylish, inspired, while managing to never forget its heroine’s Bollywood roots.

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Still, the story seems somewhat limited. Miss Marvel plays the card of theorigin story way Peter Parker and from episode 2 (out of 6), we have the feeling of having already seen a bit of everything. Slightly monotonous plots, which contrast with the aesthetic slap that accompanies them. But just for the pleasure of finding Kamala, we are curious to see how the teenager will end up in captain marvel 2, in July 2023 at the cinema!

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