Miss Marvel Credits Leak Hints at Major MCU Crossover

Miss Marvel

A hidden cameo in the end credits of episode 1 seems promised for the sequel…

As we know, Marvel fans have an eye. They don’t miss anything. Right down to the credits! Thus some noted with astonishment, in the end credits of the first episode of Miss Marvel entitled “Generation Why”, the mention of an MCU actress, yet not yet appeared…

In the makeup section, Chris Milone is featured as “Mrs. Steinfeld’s makeup artist”.

Since there is no cast member named Steinfeld, in this episode 1, it is then assumed that it is about Hailee Steinfeldstar of the series Hawkeye, end of 2021 on Disney +. She played the young archer Kate Bishop, alongside Jeremy Renner.

So is this an editing error? A bug in the credits? A joke? Fans see it above all as the huge possibility of a reunion between Kamala Khan and Kate Bishop, at some point in the series. Miss Marvel. It must be said that the two MCU heroines from Disney + live on the New York side and could perfectly cross paths in the event of mortal danger. An association which could above all prepare the ground for the long-awaited team of young avengerswhich seems destined to take over from Captain America, Hawkeye & co.

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