Miss Marvel: who are the “ClanDestins” in the comics?

Najma Miss Marvel

Some explanations are in order after episode 3.

Episode 3 of Miss Marvel may well have revealed the origins of Kamala Khan! A new species of cosmic beings has been introduced to the MCU in the Disney+ series. They call themselves the “ClanDestins”, coming from the Dimension Noor. But who is it exactly? Spoiler alert!

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Kamran and Najma thus tell Kamala of having been exiled from another dimension. They are “Djinn”, mythical creatures who seek to return home, but need great power, like that of the bracelet that Kamala possesses.

So who are these “ClanDestins”? At Marvel, there are comics DestinyClan, created by Alan Davis in 1994, and telling the life of an almost immortal family. they are the fruit of the almighty Adam who fathered a lot of children over several centuries on Earth, with Elalyth… a Djinn! Each member of the family has one or more superpowers, including Rory and Pandora, teenage twins…

Adam’s story dates back to the year 1168. As a young boy, Adam of Ravenscroft should have died in an accident, but he miraculously survived and was nicknamed Adam of Destiny. Joining Richard the Lionheart’s Third Crusade, he survived many wounds, which made him overconfident and arrogant, until he met Elalyth. Their family then became the “ClanDestins”. Depending on the generation, they have been villains or anti-heroes forced into reluctant superheroism….

Clandestines Marvel comics
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So how are they going to be integrated into the MCU? We understand that the story has been somewhat modified from the comics, in which Kamran is an Immortal. Besides, the size Noor doesn’t even exist in the original franchise pages.

It seems – after 3 episodes – that Miss Marvel will therefore mix several mythologies of comics. And maybe we will learn that Najma and his family were banished from their Dimension by Adam after having committed various abuses… So Adam Destine will he appear in Miss Marvel before the end ?

Answer starting next week on Disney+.

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