Miss Marvel: Why did Kamala Khan’s powers change in the trailer?

Miss Marvel: Why did Kamala Khan's powers change in the trailer?

In the comics, the heroine can extend her limbs, like Red Richards from the Fantastic Four. In his series, it will be visibly different.

The supercharged trailer of Miss Marvel was unveiled last night by Disney+, and it surprised comic book readers. In comics published on Kamala Khan since 2013, the high school student from New Jersey, Muslim and of Pakistani origin, finds herself endowed with the power to expand/deform her limbs. An ability of extra-terrestrial origin: one of his ancestors is a “Inhuman”. She has a gene in her that “wake up” when a thick mist engulfs the city, causing her to come into contact with Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Iron Man. When she wakes up, she has developed a powerful power, which she uses first to deform parts of her body, then which will allow her, once she masters it better, to gain speed, become invincible or completely change in appearance. It can also heal itself under certain circumstances.

No shapeshifting ability here: we see the heroine embodied by Iman Vellani find a bracelet, and we understand that it is this object “magical” which gives him more strength. She can thus close a door from a distance, create platforms in the air to be able to walk and jump high, create a giant fist to defend herself and finally create a force field to serve as a shield.

Modeled after Captain Marvel…

Why will Miss Marvel’s powers be different in the future Disney+ series compared to the comics? We can first of all suppose that this power is directly linked to that of Captain Marvel, whom she visibly admires as much as in the comics: when she obtains it, she “seesaw” in a purple-colored world, reminiscent of Brie Larson’s universe in the 2019 film. In this blockbuster, the human obtained her powers by coming into contact with an Infinity Stone (like the Scarlet Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen, for example, while she is a mutant in the comics). The link between Miss and Captain Marvel will certainly be highlighted in this series, before Kamala won’t re-team with Carol Danvers in the film’s sequel, The Marvels, expected in 2023 at the cinema. It therefore seems quite logical that the series Miss Marvel seeks to stick to the aesthetics and challenges of these two blockbusters.

But not Inhumans…

Last October, ScreenRant already revealed that the heroine’s powers would change in her solo series. The site specializing in pop culture explained that Kevin Feige wanted to avoid references to Inhumans following the flop of the 2017 series. In the 2010s, Marvel tried to mount a feature film around these characters of alien origin, but the rights belonged in part to 20th Century Fox (their history is linked to that of the X-Men and 4 Fantastic), this blockbuster was difficult to mount by Disney. It was finally in the form of a series that these superheroes were developed, in the guise of Anson Mount (who played Blackagar Boltagon), Serinda Swan (Medusa) or Iwan Rheon (Maximus). Co-produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Televisions, and broadcast on ABC, it will only have the right to 8 episodes of 43 minutes. Receiving generally negative reviews, it did not find its audience, unlike other Marvel series, such as Agents of SHIELD., also aired at the time and some elements of which are directly related to the events of the MCU. Kevin Feige would since refuse to include it in the “cannon” of the currently developed Marvel universe both on television and in cinema.

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Neither of the Fantastic 4!

Another theory assumes that the original powers of Miss Marvel being very close to those of Red Richards, one of the heroes of the 4 Fantastic, the scriptwriters preferred to modify them, in order to visually distinguish them from them. We should also soon find Richards and his three acolytes in an MCU film and / or a series on Disney +, because now that the studio has bought Fox, the Fantastic 4 should soon reintegrate in one way or another. this universe. Just like the X-Men, by the way: Patrick Stewart has already been announced back in Doctor Strange 2. Fantastic Four will they be recast for the occasion? The last film in this saga, released in 2015 with Miles Teller in the role of Red Richards, has also flopped. For now, Marvel hasn’t announced anything officially, but the studio is obviously taking the lead in taking care not to give its new heroine the same powers as a potential future sidekick.

Finally, note that this is not the first time that Marvel has taken great liberties with the original comics. Even within the main saga, the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016) or those ofAvengers: Infinity War (2018) had been deeply rewritten for the cinema. And the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3 (2013) was precisely imagined to surprise fans (and is still debated today). Not to mention that this is only the first trailer for Miss Marvel. During the series, its creators will certainly have the opportunity to refer to the “true” heroine power.

Written by the British Bisha K. Ali (the series Four weddings and a funeral), Miss Marvel is directed by Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah (Black, Bad Boys For Life), Meera Menon (You, Outlander, Dirty John…) and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (A Girl in the River). Its broadcast should start on June 8 on Disney +.

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