Mission: Impossible 7 streaming 45 days after its release? Tom Cruise and Paramount disagree

Tom Cruise-Mission Impossible 7

The star also refuses that the saga be declined in TV series.

As we know, the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 has been chaotic due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Paused seven times (!), Christopher McQuarrie’s blockbuster has been delayed for several months, and it will finally be released in July 2023 in cinemas. A year later, number 8 should be in theaters, Tom Cruise having wanted to make sure that it is filmed before the 7 is on the bill, in order to better control their continuity: the next opus of the adventures of Ethan Hunt will end with a “cliff hanger”to which the eighth film, supposed to be the last of the star, will answer.

Tom Cruise wants the filming of Mission: Impossible 8 to be finished before the release of the 7

Executive producer of the spy saga, Tom Cruise has enjoyed great success thanks to her for almost 30 years (the first opus dates from 1996), and he will also return soon in Top Gun: Maverick, another important production of the firm. Last month, he appeared on video during an event organized by the studio for its investors, to recall how close he was to this studio, with which he has collaborated for 37 years (the shooting of Top Gun dates back to 1985). “I am very proud of this relationship with Paramount, I owe them a lot”Cruise said.

Yet, behind the scenes, the making of Mission: Impossible 7 created a significant conflict between them, reveals the HollywoodReporterwhich title “The Real Mission: Impossible: Say ‘No’ to Tom Cruise”. The main reason, beyond the measures to be taken during the shots which ended up inflating the budget of this blockbuster (we are talking about 290 million dollars, or 110 million more than for n ° 6!) , is related to Paramount’s decision to offer it exclusively at the cinema for 45 days only, before he could schedule it on his streaming service, Paramount +. Until now, a film was offered for three months only on the big screen before it could be broadcast on VOD, DVD, Blu-ray and/or streaming in the United States. But here too, the Covid has changed the rules in Hollywood, accelerating the transition to digital. The big studios (Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, etc.) have all reduced their broadcast windows, the most striking example being that of Warner, which broadcast all its productions for the year 2021 at the same time in the US theaters and on HBO Max 30 days after release: Wonder Woman 2, The Suicide Squad, Dune, Matrix 4

Paramount’s proposed change to Mission: Impossible 7 is therefore nothing exceptional, but as its star fights for his own films to have success on the big screen first, it is the source of a deep disagreement between the two parties. Tom Cruise has also brought in his lawyers, explains THR. The discussion has not yet led to a decision, Paramount and Cruise agreeing to wait until the film is completed before defining the right exit strategy together once and for all. Announcing the shooting of Mission: Impossible 8still under the direction of McQuarrie, before the 7 is closed, Cruise imposes its own rules on its producers, who will have to pay substantial sums in the continuation of the saga before having been able to touch the slightest receipt of Mission: Impossible 7. Recipes that they will share whatever happens with Cruise, the latter having signed a very advantageous contract on this franchise allowing him to earn bonuses by reaching different levels at the box office.

On this subject, the article specifies in passing that Tom Cruise had written black and white in his contracts that his films were to be released on the big screen in priority, and also imposed a clause of non-declination of his works for the little one. Concretely, this means that as long as he is the star, Impossible mission cannot be serialized. A shame for a work that started in this format in the 1960s! THR adds that Paramount would have liked to pursue the concept of Thunder Days (his 1990 hit with Nicole Kidman) in series to boost his streaming service, but the star nipped that project in the bud. Top Gun is not mentioned, but it is assumed that the two action films will not be able to give rise to series on Paramount + either…

The budget of Mission: Impossible 7 exploded because of the Covid

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