Mixed canceled to everyone’s surprise, Amazon does not order season 2


“Prime Video will not make other seasons of Mixed”, confirms an actress of the series on the networks.

They had indeed in the idea of ​​making a season 2, and even more if affinities. Corn Mixed will not go beyond the 1963-64 school year. Amazon’s historic French teen series has not been renewed by Prime Video, and no one seems to understand why.

The actress Maud wyler, who plays nurse Jeanne Bellanger, confirmed on her Instagram account: “Jeanne Bellanger, it’s over. Prime Video will not be doing other seasons of Mixed. Well done to all of the creators of this series. “

Mixed therefore stops at eight episodes, without end. However, the second original French series of the American streamer (after the dreadful Deutsch-les-Landes) had received wide acclaim from critics and audiences alike this summer.

No reason has been officially announced by Prime Video, to explain this early cancellation. The producer of Mixed, Laurent Ceccaldi, admits to Allociné not to have understood either: “Besides the critical success, we felt that the series had been enjoyed by very large numbers and that Season 2 was eagerly awaited … “

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