Mixed on Amazon: “Annick, that’s my mother’s first name!”

Mixed Amazon

The designer, Marie Roussin and two students of the casting tell us about their journey through time, in this high school in the 60’s.

While they themselves were modern and connected high school students not so long ago, Lula Cotton-Frapier and Nathan Parent put away their smartphones to return to the desks of the school of the 1960s, in Mixed, the new French original series from Amazon Prime Video, launched this Monday.

During the 5 months that the shooting lasted, the two young actors were thus called Annick and Henri, in the middle of Jean-Pierre, Simone and other Michèle. A generation shock that had to be digested in particular to Nathan Parent, who tells us with a big smile: “Annick is my mother’s first name! So the first time I had to say in the series that I was in love with Annick, I felt like a little shock … I had to ignore it. . “

Another era, other first names, other customs, but basically things have not changed so much, say the two actors aged 22 and 25: “Adults, teachers and supervisors are smoother in their words. They are surely less cash today. But conversations haven’t changed that much among current students. It’s always about sex, desire, girls etc. Evolution is not that crazy. The sexist remarks boys tell girls in Mixed, we find them in real life today “, valued Nathan Parent, validated by his playmate: “Yes, there are still the same taboo subjects today, like that of female masturbation that we discuss in episode 2 for example. It’s very complicated to talk about it even today. at home or even with her friends. For boys, it’s much more acceptable, better accepted. It’s almost seen as a form of virility. That hasn’t changed too much … “

At the beginning of Mixed, there is the screenwriter of Red Bracelets by TF1, Marie roussin, who also experienced the same kind of boy / girl shock as her heroines. She explains to us that she was educated in a boys’ school when she was a kid: “It was in the 1980s, in one of the last private reaction strongholds in my department, which tolerated the presence of the daughters of the school’s teachers and the little sisters of the boys already registered. Suddenly, I myself experienced certain things that I make my characters experience. My parents found it more convenient to put us together in the same school. But clearly, they would never have done the reverse and put my brother in a girls’ school! ” And it is by falling one day on an article “recounting the pride of a high school in having been the first mixed high school in its entire department, at the beginning of the 1960s“, that it hit home Marie roussin :

mixed amazon

“I did not know at all this story of the arrival of coeducation in institutions. I did some research and I was very surprised. Pros and cons, for so different reasons. For example, some wanted co-education, to prevent “special friendships” between boys, that is to say homosexuality. Everything amazed me as I plunged back into this past. And besides, neither of the two camps really won. was actually imposed in a pragmatic way, because the Baby Boomers were arriving in numbers on the school benches. It was just not manageable any more to imagine separating the two sexes. Suddenly, it is one thing that imposed itself, without having really been thought of. ”

Mixed thus goes back to the time of our parents and our grandparents with a certain jubilation, without being limited to the teen aspect: “Because we don’t just speak from the point of view of teenagers. We have adult characters, who have their own issues. Who are not only the parents of the characters. It’s crucial to also have their point of view. view of this transition to diversity, how they experienced it “, insist Marie Rousin. And Lula Cotton-Frapier to underline : “The series is not only aimed at the younger generation. I feel concerned as a 20 year old girl. My parents are concerned too. And my grandparents too. “

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