Mom, I missed the plane again: The central idea of ​​this film is to do the same for better [critique]

Chris Columbus’ cult comedy returns to TFX.

In this holiday season, the traditional replay of Mom I missed the plane and its suites are there, Tuesday evening, on TFX. When it was released in 1992, First had liked Mom, I missed the plane again, an episode where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) gets lost this time in New York. There, he finds by chance the burglars who had tried to steal the valuables of his house in the first opus, still played by Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci, who will again suffer the cruel traps of the little boy. To the delight of spectators, wrote François Forestier in his review. A funny analysis of the film, filled with notes of intentions from the director Chris Columbus, and especially the opinions of his two own children.

10-year-old Macaulay Culkin’s awesome interview for Mom I missed the plane

Returning first to the crazy success of the first episode, he then explained that he was a little bored personally by this sequel too close to the construction of the first part, but he also recognized several qualities in the film, and ensured that the youngest would go there. ‘love.

“My two sons have seen it twenty times. I wonder what they’re doing, apart from that? They might go to school, who knows? (…) Mom I missed the plane again therefore uses the same ingredients, with twenty minutes more, which is not necessarily a good idea (but my two sons think it is a film brilliant, so I’m not going to quibble. They are six and nine years old. They are necessarily right.) (…) The central idea of ​​this film is to do the same better. The trouble is, it’s still the same. The family loves their son. The family loses their son. The family reunites with their son: that’s a bit like the pattern. With more money. Adults will have the feeling of déjà vu. They won’t complain, since the kids will be delighted. (…) There is even a new endearing character: an old lady who feeds the pigeons in Central Park, mute, whom Kevin will meet and who will be the last person he will want to see again before leaving for new adventures . In addition – a bonus for adults, anyway – the stunts, which were one of the strong elements of the first version, are here legion, and better. Bandits falling from the third floor, through huge scaffolding and crashing into fifty boxes of varnish … Not bad, right? “It’s a kind of comedy, very physical, sums up Chris Columbus, based in part on the old Keystone Kops movies and the Marx Brothers, which I admire enormously. With a zest of Warner Bros. cartoons. It’s like if we had let go of Bib-Bip and Vil Coyote in our film. The bad guys will be beaten, but no one is killed. The more you hit them on the head, the more stupid they become, and the funnier it is. ‘”

The real story of mom’s fake movie, I missed the plane

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