Monia Chokri, Kim So Yong, Mike Leigh… what to see on MUBI in June 2022

On the occasion of Pride month, the platform will also offer two exclusive LGBTQI+ films.

Like every month, MUBI offers us a sharp selection of films in June. And to take advantage of it, we remind you that you can benefit from a free 30-day discovery offer with Première (follow this link).

On the menu, heritage cinema classics of course (Alain Resnais, Robert Besson, Eric Rohmer, etc.), but also more recent auteur films, such as All or nothing by Mike Leigh, which had been presented at Cannes just 20 years ago, For Ellen by Kim So Yong, with a moving Paul Dano, or even My brother’s wifethe first film by Monia Chokri, very inspired by Xavier Dolan, who has just released his second feature film, Baby sitter.

June is also Pride Month, and MUBI is taking the opportunity to add two LGBTQI+ films to its catalog that have never been seen before in France: wet-sandby Georgian director Elene Naveriani, winner of the Locarno Film Festival in 2021, and The Actressa short film by American artist Andrew Ondrejcak made with trans filmmaker and actress Isabel Sandoval.

The complete MUBI program in June 2022:

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wet-sand (2021) Elene Naveriani (MUBI EXCLUSIVE RELEASE): June 1
Goodbye Solo (2008) Ramin Bahrani: June 2
My uncle from America (1980) Alain Resnais: June 3
Free Trade (1974) Gustav Wiklund: June 4th
open voice (2017) Amandine Gay: June 5th
Tremors (2019) Gyro Bustamante: June 6th
black moon (1975) Louis Malle: June 7th
The Actress (2021) Andrew Ondrejcak (MUBI EXCLUSIVE RELEASE): June 8
Country Teacher (2008) Bohdan Sláma: June 9th
Local solutions for a global mess (2010) Coline Serreau: June 10
Jack and Diane (2012) Bradley Rust Grey: June 11
All or nothing (2002) Mike Leigh: June 12
Jar City (2006) Baltasar Kormákur: June 13
Fathers, sons and other stories (2015) Phan Đăng Di: June 14
Trial of Joan of Arc (1962) Robert Bresson: June 15
Lemon Vodka (2003) Hiner Saleem: June 16
For Ellen (2012) Kim So Yong: June 17th
Melo (1986) Alain Resnais: June 18
Human Factors (2021) Ronny Trocker: June 19
A River Named Titash (1973) Ritwik Ghatak: June 20
goodbye children (1987) Louis Malle: June 21
Taipei Suicide Story (2020) KEFF: June 22
Strella (2009) Panos H. Koutras: June 23
4 adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle (1987) Eric Rohmer: June 24
way of the cross (2014) Dietrich Brüggemann: June 25
My brother’s wife (2019) Monia Chokri: June 26
You imagine Robinson (1970) Jean-Daniel Pollet: June 27
God’s Country (1985) Louis Malle: June 28
Alamar (2009) Pedro González-Rubio: June 29
Belonging (2019) Burak Çevik: June 30

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