Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild: Netflix Movie Trailer

An animated feature film derived from video games and centered on the young hunter Aiden.

A few days later Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Netflix continues its exploration of consumer video games in animation. This time it’s Monster hunter who offers himself a spin-off with the film Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. An animated feature film made entirely on a computer and which will follow the young hunter Aiden, who fights to save his village from a dragon. Trailer :

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild does not look very beautiful visually and was obviously designed for fans of the video game, since we will find the young cadet of the hunt crossed on consoles in Monster hunter 4 (in 2013) then in Monster Hunter World (in 2018).

The official synopsis of Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild: “Humans, nature and giant monsters coexist in this world in a delicate balance. A young man named Aiden – a self-proclaimed hunter – protects his isolated village. But one day he learns that it is threatened by an ancient Dragon, a monster shrouded in mystery, and must find a way to save his village, Aiden leaves his home and sets out on an adventure with Julius, a first-class hunter from the Hunter’s Guild, and his companions.

Online August 12, on Netflix.

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