Moon Knight, episode 5: the truth about Steven Grant (and in the comics?)

Moon Knight, episode 5

The origins of Marc Spector’s alter ego have just been revealed in the Marvel series, which takes great distances from the comics.

Who is actually the earthly avatar of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu? Episode 5 of Moon Knight, unveiled on Disney Plus today, has finally unveiled the truth. All the truth. Spoiler alert!

No, it’s not Steven Grant. He is double. The original character is indeed Marc Spector, as in the comics. Indeed, it is he who dissociated his personality to create a double… Why? Because when he was a child, he took his younger brother to play in a cave in rainy weather and the latter drowned. Collapsed, devastated, their mother holds Marc responsible to the point of passing her pain on to him. Shamed, mistreated, beaten, Marc collapsed psychologically and ended up creating another personality, innocent and spared, a kind of imaginary friend named after an adventure movie hero he adored in era: Steven Grant. Leaving home as a teenager, Marc joined the army to forget his past. But when his mother died. he couldn’t force himself to go to the funeral. Causing a new stinging crack in him, which brought out the personality of Steven Grant in a characteristic way. This is where his dual existence in the real world was born.

Moon Knight: what is this hippo at the end of episode 4?

In this regard, the MCU series did not hesitate to free itself from comics and modify Marc’s trauma. Because at Marvel Comics, no deceased little brother. It is his father who dies and Marc runs away from the funeral after discovering a dark history of Nazis.. It should be noted that Moon Knight was created in the 1970s. And fifty years later, in the MCU of 2025, this Nazi story wouldn’t have stuck on the timeline. The Disney + series has therefore invented a new story to Steven Grant.

And besides, she did it from the start. Because the Steven Grant of the MCU does not have much in common with that of the comics. Already, on paper, it is established that Marc is the main personality. His alter ego Steven (but also his other double Jake Lockley, totally absent from the series) is perfectly aware of the existence of the other. They work together (more or less) to form a (more or less) harmonious system. In the series, this is not the case at all. Steven is convinced he is the original and he fights to keep Marc at bay. And then that of the MCU is downright British, while he is American in the comics.

Moon Knight Marvel

Finally, Steven Grant is not a nice museum salesman, naive and good-natured. He’s more of a Bruce Wayne, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist, a far cry from the clever but socially awkward nerd of Disney Plus. Above all, Steven Grant is barely a character in his own right in the comics. He is there only to act as a reasonable businessman within Marc’s multiple personalities.

The general feeling of the series Moon Knight is therefore completely different. And at the end of episode 5, when Steven Grant falls from the boat of Taouret (or Taweret), the hippopotamus goddess, we understand that Marc Spector is saying goodbye to his childhood traumas. He literally leaves his split personality behind, and unlike the comics, it’s quite likely that we won’t see Steven Grant again in the MCU.

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